Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy 29th Bday to Babushka's Bebe

Dear Readers, I hope you don't mind Babushka taking over the blog today, but I am so excited and feliz for my daughter and the new direction/choices that she's making that I will take over the Blogasphere and the entire Web Galaxy if I could to let her know it.  This is my letter to her.

La Princesa & Babushka's Bebe

Happy Happy to you My Beautiful First Born!!

So many emotions, so many things I want to say to you- 
just like 29 years ago when you were born.  

The main ones are also the same as 29 years ago.  

You are wanted, You are loved,
 and Mama will always do what she thinks is the best for you and be your #1 fan.

Your first year of life was one of growing,learning and adventures, and this week will start a year of growing, learning and adventures too- BB feels blessed to have been a part of both. 

You are an invited guest to Tide’s #KeepItClean soccer jersey exchange & youth league game event at the Brickell Soccer Roof Top with your husband, sports enthusiast @IamPugilism and even get to interview famous sports personality @AndresCantorGol ! Then on Saturday you and your son will celebrate your joint birthdays by going to a Special Screening of How to TrainYour Dragon 2 facilitated by +ALLIEDHISPANIC .  Hopefully these gifts I shared with you will be just the beginning of a loved career with untold blessings for you and your family.

The Bella Dancer of our family, you're learning a new baile where you will once again shine and use the countless talents you've been given.  Each year is a building block for the next and this one will bring you many realizations about the strengths and possibilities in your life.  Don't ever again lose faith in yourself and those who love you.  If you ever start to falter (as we all do from time to time) there are many who will help, apoyar, and believe in you. Including and especially Babushka.

Signed, Your #1 Fan


  1. Gracias por la información, invitaciones y recomendaciones!.

  2. Qué buen listado de actividades! Y felicidades a tu baby :)

  3. Super, que bueno es saber estos datos, y a disfrutar se ha dicho.

  4. Happy Bday que lindo gesto BB, tu hija estará orgullosa de su mamá!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday BB's bebe. I hope this year is filled with wonderful things for you and your family

  6. Felicidades! What an awesome gift. The best of luck!

  7. Felicidades al bebé y a la familia en general, gracias por las invitaciones!

  8. Happy Birthday al Bebé! Qué sigan los éxitos! Cariños y

    ¡FELIZ DÍA!ॐ

  9. Felicidades y thanks a lot por toda la info! :) Besos!

  10. Gracias a todas por sus felicidades.

  11. Felicidades para tu hija! y muchas gracias por las invitaciones.