Friday, November 21, 2014

What a Marvel! #MarvelUniverseLive #MUL #Blogginmamas

I am not a big Marvel fan. Honestly, I'm not a comic reader period, but I was definitely amazed by the spectacular stunts throughout the show. Marvel on Tour, the Marvel Universe Live show was beyond anything we expected. There were flying superheroes, motorcycles and loud bangs of the guns (firecrackers of course). And lots and lots of fire! I could feel the heat from our seats. The acrobatics, the fights, the faces on our boys, ahem, and men was priceless. You can never get too old to enjoy live entertainment. I am used to the ice shows, but this was on the top of my list for action packed fun! As a girl, I enjoyed seeing the women represented in the show. The Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Black Cat, Agent Maria Hill, and the one I did know - Storm! The storyline was funny and exciting. Go and take the kids or just go yourself if you're a Marvel fan or enjoy live shows.

Before and during the show

Smiling faces after the show

Brother and SIL

In the chaos of the night

We couldn't leave Captain Adorable behind

Did you like Marvel comics growing up or still do?

Here's the link to this great show:

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Hasta la proxima!

*Disclosure- We were given tickets to the event in exchange for this post by +Feld Entertainment and Bloggin' Mamas. However all opinions and smiles are mine and my families.


  1. We had a great time didn't we?? It really did have a little bit of something for everyone and kept your on your seat with the stunts. Glad we got to go; good recount mija. BB2U

  2. Looks like fun!! Your captain adorable is too cute!! ;)